Best Voice Recorder App For Singing

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Are you passionate about singing? If yes, then you should take your passion to a next level by recording your music. Even if you have god gifted melodious voice, then also you need continuous practice to trick your notes. So here in this article we have listed some best voice recorder apps for singing where you can record your music. Have a look.

1. Sing

Sing is a fantastic voice recorder app suitable for those who want to practice and tune their voice in between lessons, or singers who just want to experience some fun with singing. The app contains a singing playlist of more than 800,000 songs. You can record your singings or you can sing with other friends or your favorite artists globally. It provides a great chance to interact with other singers and to share your voice among millions of users.

To access the application you need to register yourself first. For this, you can simply sign up through facebook or Google. As soon as your registration will be successful it will ask you to choose among your favorite categories. According to that it will provide the tracks to sing. Simply tap on the button to record your songs.

  • The app provides self recording facility with video.
  • It consists of wide range of audio effects.
  • Send or share your recording with more and more people worldwide.
  • You can sing a duet with your friends or top artists.
  • It contains a large variety of songs from various genres.
  • Sing along with your favorite artists and friends all over the world.

2. StarMaker

Starmaker is one such amazing application that allows you to choose your favorite songs from a wide variety of catalog. You can sing your song with 50,000,000+ friends worldwide. Along with it, you can also edit your recording with huge voice effects and share your covers with millions of friends online. During singing it will also let you add beauty filters so that you can enhance your looks while singing.

A new feature has been added to this app called chorus that enable a soft recording of your music. It will allow you to sing the main part and eliminate other voices from it. You can also listen to other recordings of different people around. In order to enhance the quality of your songs, the usage of headphones is suggested by experts.

  • It gives you access to choose from a countless variety of songs collection.
  • The app featured high quality soundtracks.
  • It includes collab mode to sing along with your friends and artists.
  • It provides sophisticated technologies like vocal guidance, huge range of voice effects and real time pitch collection.
  • New function of chorus let you sing the main part of the song.

3. The Voice

The voice is a competent application where a performer can sing his/her song and demonstrate them to a panel of judges. The program will analyze your accuracy and enable you to improve your voice. This app is more like a singing reality show. With the help of this app you can easily collab with friends and other artists. Besides this, the app also provides you free guidance to increase the quality of your song.

The exciting characteristics includes auto tune, pitch pointer, audio effects will make your song better. To use the app register with any social account and after that you can play your favorite songs. You can sing the song of different languages with beautiful add on effects.

  • The app offers a huge range of audio effects.
  • Users can share their songs with the app community or on different social media networks.
  • Singers can likewise like and comments on the recordings.
  • Options including auto tune, pitch pointer, audio effects to make your song better.
  • Facility of singing the song in many languages.
  • Collab with your friends and artists to maintain a social interaction.

4. Karaoke

Karaoke is the best place to shape your skills and practice all your favorite songs. It consists of a quick play mode so that you can record your favorite song for a short time span also. All you need to do is to press a button and your singing session will start. It is a great app as it supports both MP3 and CDG karaoke files. To raise your singing quality there are various themes and genres in which you can sing the songs.

The library of this app contains many categories of songs such as famous, recent, love songs, hip-hop, rock songs and many more genres. The registration process is necessary to access the app. Sign up either with your Facebook, Google, or Mobile Number. In this app also, the use of headphones is recommended to record a good song.

  • Karaoke has an endless collection of songs of variety of genres.
  • Give your feedback on the recordings of other fellow singers.
  • Sing in various languages and add of audio effects.
  • Search for your favorite artists songs.
  • Share your incredible talent of music with other people in the world.

5. SingPlay

SingPlay is a bit different app from the other apps discussed above. The unique feature in this app is that it does only allow you to record the store that has been stored on your device already. Unlike other apps, it won’t let you sing any song whether it has been stored on your device or not. This refers that it converts your MP3 files into Karaoke which have been kept by you on your device.

All you require to perform is to download the app for free from playstore. After that it will show you a list of songs from which you can choose any song you want to sing. The use of headphones is compulsory to record the music.

  • It enables you to record the songs that are stored on your device.
  • The app supports many formats of audio.
  • Various sharing options are easily available to widen your area of music.
  • It converts the MP3 files to karaoke for you to sing the song.
  • Choose from the stored songs in your device to record.
  • Sing the song with or without the original voice of artists.

Final words:

So these are the best 5 voice recorder app for singing. The apps described above are fully tested and offers amazing benefits to record your voice in the form of songs.
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Best File Manager For Rooted Smartphone

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File manager apps are considered as the most vital apps on android smartphones. With the help of these apps you can easily browse your files, manage your storage space, and transfer the files and much more. In this article we have discussed about the best file manager apps for rooted smartphones highlighting their features and functional capacities.

Here is the top 10 best file manager Application For your rooted Smartphone.

1. File expert

The best and advanced file manager - File expert enable you to manage the files from different locations in the SD card. Along with this, the app also manages RAM storage, ROM storage and cloys files. It enables you to browse files in a tree hierarchy or by its various categories or even by its last modified date with a fast search. It also consist of different premium features that you can unlock la carte, bundled with in app purchases.

The app provides LAN access for ftp, sftp, ftps, SMB, WebDAV and clouds include Google Drive, One Drive, Drop box, Box, Yandex, Sugar Sync, GCloud and many more. You can also secure this app with an app lock so that your files remain protected. It displays the amount of files stored in your device and the size of each folder. This file manager app is built with new updated android system and grants its users with the best android experience.

Characteristic features:
  • Accessibility of files from multiple locations.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Create new files and new folders easily.
  • Automatically sync data with cloud and manage history of sync data.
  • It keeps the files secure, stable, customized and easy to access.
  • Built with sophisticated android technology, thus providing best android experience to users.
  • Enable file search quickly.
  • Show the number of files and size of the folder.

2. Root spy file manager:

Root spy is another best file manager app that allows the users to access files from the rooted smartphones. It also enables the users to view protected data files of android smartphones. One can easily download this app for free from playstore. It provides all the basic options like copy, paste, rename, move, search, share and many more. The files can be sorted by date, size, name or file type.

Unlike other apps it does not show pop up advertisement. You can create new folders and files in no time. The rooted users have to enable the super user option which comes in the app settings under the advanced option. To enable more such options just long press on any file.

Characteristics features:
  • Search option is available to search data files.
  • Copy, paste, delete, rename, search and explore the files.
  • Enable search option, add bookmarks and changeable settings.
  • It compresses and decompresses the files.
  • The app display protected files of phone.
  • You can sort the file by size, name, and date or file type.

3. File explorer root browser:

File explorer root browser comes along with easy customization of theme. In addition to this, you can also change the color. It provides a three icon pack containing options like circle, square and flat. The app possesses the benefits of copy, paste, rename, compress, delete, move etc from one place to another. Through the countless benefits of this app you can also manage the cloud storage such as drop box, Google drive and one drive.

It is a trusted app that provides you to access the lower level of android management including the app data folder. It brings the MD5 support, an APK binary XML viewer and lot more. You can easily transfer the files from the storage folder to cloud storage. It enables you to access audio and video files.

Characteristics features:
  • Send a file or group of files by mail directly.
  • Perform basic functions of copy, paste, rename, and delete files from device.
  • It can install and add the files anywhere on your device.
  • Support audio/video/app managers.
  • Share the files to Box, Drop box, Google Driver and One Driver.
  • Easy to customize themes, icons, layouts.

4. Root files manager:

Root file manager is an easy, simple and convenient to use file manager app. It is the best alternative for the rooted Smartphone users. The app allows you to browse your memory card, rename, copy, paste and move files. It is supported in different languages like English, French, and Spanish etc.

It provides you to access the whole android system including the security file system. You can manage and browse the files on your device which is not possible with the default android file manager. It also gives excess to hidden data which is secured like the data of the games and apps you have downloaded earlier. You can use the multiple tabs at one time as like browsers. The app featured SQlite database viewer, share files via Bluetooth, mail and many more advantages.

Characteristics features:
  • Create new files and folders on rooted smartphones.
  • Modify file permissions and ownership.
  • Share the files via Bluetooth or mail.
  • For easy access support folder shortcut on favorites’.
  • Rename, copy, paste folder and files.
  • Create new files and folders.
  • Compress and decompress files.

5. EZ files manager:

EZ file manager is an app that is compatible with almost all rooted devices. It allows you to access files and manage them for free of cost. It provides multiple assistance of running applications, managing cloud drive storage and FTP client so that you can access it both on your phone or PC. Watching movies, videos, uploading photos and using 3g connection become easier with the help of EZ file manager.

You can browse your files and copy, paste, rename, and move from one location to other location as you do on desktop. Moreover it sends the files to other devices with Bluetooth or with email facility. The app has a smooth interface and stands out for the option of connecting your accounts on Drop box, one drive and Google drive. It includes a space analyzer that boost up the memory to restore more space. The app also has an app manager through which you can backup or uninstall any app according to your preference.

Characteristics features:
  • Compress or decompress files with zip or rar support.
  • Directly send files to mail or other devices.
  • Easily customize the app.
  • Protect files and folders with password security.
  • Transfer the storage from internal memory to SD card.

6. Solid explorer files manager:

This app is really great and unique in its features which are not available in other apps. It is a paid app but you can install trial version of 14 days from playstore and then buy it for regular purpose. There are various options in solid explore file manager including WedDav, SMB, compression support, and theming options along with. Initially you can use the app for free for some days and then it costs $1.99.

Solid explorer is undoubtedly an astonishing app with number of plugin and support system. Pleasant themes, colors, icons all together constitute it the most powerful and beautiful application. The app comes with extremely easy user interface and incorporates a main shortcut for all its folders and files from which you can access the sub folders quickly. Apart from this, it offers the benefits of locate or extract your multimedia files like music, photos, videos, audios so that you can locate the necessary ones likewise. The main positive point of solid explorer file manager is that it contains two independent windows through which you can transfer the file from one folder to other folders without any difficulty. Along with managing files, the app works with ZIP, RAR and TAR packages so that you can access the required files that are protected.

Characteristics features:
  • Simple design and easy interface for users.
  • Directly drag and drop files between panels.
  • Options contains material design, root access, cloud support, SMB etc.
  • Ability to compress or decompress files.
  • Stream videos to chrome cast.

7. Total commander file manager:

Total commander is a popular app consists of network storage support, plugin support, bookmarks and other beneficial tools. This app is available free of cost with no in app purchases and advertisements. It is a complete tool to access files that offers a number of advantages. There are various options for customization including colors, menus, icon sizes and more. The app has a traditional dual pane interface, easy drag and drop files, and allow users to use it’s featured with easy to remember keyboard shortcuts.

Total commander can be considered more beneficial for designers, developers, programmers who are supposed to upload and download file to and from remote servers. The app contains an in built support for creating ZIP archives. It offers you full control over your folders and you can modify the permissions.

Characteristics features:
  • Copy, move, paste, files easily.
  • Drag and drop files from one location to other.
  • It comes with a built-in text editor
  • Directly stream media player from LAN, WedDav, and cloud plugin.
  • Select by clicking on file icons.
  • Directory history

8. Amaze file manager:

Amaze is a new and good file manager app that is pretty good for users who want light experience in light browsing files. If you want to buy funds, then the app provides optional in app purchases. This app attracts the users with its clean, simple and elegant interface. Even the users can modify its themes, colors according to their choices.

Besides the common benefits, the app provides the shortcuts for the directories you access frequently. Another exciting feature of this app that will let you download it within no time is that it can free up space from your memory of the android. Though it is a new app but offers certain powerful benefits thus inducing users to avail its uses.

Characteristics features:
  • Simple and appealing interface.
  • Basic options like cut, copy, paste, rename, move or delete.
  • Various themes with cool icons.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Access history bookmarks or search for any file quickly.
  • Access to multiple tabs at once.

9. MK file manger:

MK file manger has a great and simple user interface. It contains two panels to manage files. You can easily move, copy, paste files between two panels. There is also a side bar for quick accessibility of any folder that you added to bookmarks. This app is basically recommended for devices having older versions of android such as Lollipop, and Marshmallow.

Though the app does not provide support to cloud or network storage, but it consists of many important highlights such as search tool, built in text editor, music player, gallery and also supports various languages. In total, it is an amazing application and you can download this file manager app for free from play store.

Characteristics features:
  • Simple and pretty design.
  • Built in gallery, text editor, and music player.
  • The app supports 20 distinct languages.
  • Compress and decompress files.

10. Astro file manager:

Astro file manager is a powerful customized app that allows users to manage files between internal storage, SD card and cloud networks. It has an outstanding feature of in built file manger that is useful in terms of downloading large files. The app has a smooth and simple user interface that shows the different categories such as storage location or cloud services.

It comes along with SD card usage manager that enables you to deal with the space and clean memory, a task killer that save the battery life and an app manager where you can uninstall or backup files. Additionally it compresses and extracts files, access LAN or SMB and provides all other essential features.

Characteristics features:
  • Allow local and cloud storage management.
  • Manage files between SD, internal storage and cloud networks.
  • Add bookmarks for quick access to files.
  • Manage storage space and boost battery backup.
  • Built in file manager for downloading large files.

So these are the best 10 file managers for rooted Smartphone. These apps truly come easy when it comes to organize the rooted phones. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try.
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Top 10 Best Live Currency Conversion Rate Apps for the Android

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You don't have to stay glued to the foreign exchange trade the entire day, in order to keep yourself well updated, you can install a powerful currency converter app on your android smartphone and get going. These apps have excellent user the interface and anyone can use it with great ease. This app will help you to stay updated.

Here is the top 10 best Live Currency Conversion Rate Application For your Android Smartphone.

1. XE Currency

The XE currency application is perfect for all the top Android smartphone. The user interface is very friendly and you get the best experience every time. The XE currency application provides every minute update about the change in the USD rate. Based on the change in USD, the rates of remaining currencies changes. The moment you open the app you can notice 4 currencies i.e. Euro, GBP, CAD, and AUD. Above all these currencies, USD is placed.

The application provides you with an option to add more currencies by clicking on the option "Add More Currencies". You can add and search for the currencies based on the country name, country code, and popularity.

XE Currency application is available in more than 130 countries currencies across the globe, it has additional helpful tools like Market Analysis, Rate Alerts, Charts and much more. The application allows you to create and compare charts of your currency based on day, time, month, 5 years etc. The XE currency also has a pro version, it allows instant currency tracking. The only negative part about the app is ads.

Top features of XE Currency
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Every minute update of the USD rates.
  • Providing to add more currencies based on the country name, country code, and popularity.
  • Availability in more than 130 counties currencies.
  • Additional helpful tools like Rate advisor, Rate alerts etc.
  • Provides an option to create and compare charts based on the day, month, years, and 10 years soon.

2. Currency Converter Rates Live

Currency Converter Rates Live is another highly efficient application for the currency converting. The user interface is very friendly and best for the beginners too. This application provides additional options like Trending News, Price Alerts apart from all currencies. You can easily track and receive the price alerts on your smartphone with the help of this application.

Currency Converter Rates Live provides you with an option to add more currencies to the list and you can track all the currencies instantly with your fingertips. The application also has a brilliant feature of Multi Conversion Converter.

The application allows you to create a customized list of the currencies for quick tracking, the application provides 4 point decimals of the exchange rate in order to maintain the accuracy. In order to get the conversion rate of the particular correct, you don't need to start connecting with the data but the data connection is mandatory in order to add a new currency.

Top Features of Currency Converter Rates Live
  • Very friendly and easy to understand user interface.
  • The application offers additional options like price alerts, trending news, multi conversion converter and setting the price alerts for particular currency in order to track it.
  • The users can create a customized list of their choice of currencies.
  • In order to maintain accuracy, the app shares 4 point decimals exchange of the decimal rates.

3. Currency Converter

The Currency Converter has the best user interface to provide seamless access to the data. The application contains an inbuilt calculator which automatically converts the foreign currency into national. Currency Converter offers the converting services to almost all the countries with their special national currency.

Currency Converter application supports all top currencies like Dollar, Pound, Yuan, Yen, Euro, Dinar, Rupee, Dirham etc. With the help of this app, the individual can get access to the currency exchange rate for all the currencies. In order to quickly recognize the currency exchange, the application offers the specific nationality flags for all the added countries.

The interface offers 2 section one is market rates and another is currency converter. The main purpose of both the section is to cover the foreign currency into US dollars. The US dollar is kept in the centre and the market rates of other countries are shown in the application. You can easily convert the currency based on the counties of your choice; all you need is to simply tap on the desired country.

Top Features of Currency Converter
  • Like all other application, it has a simple and friendly user interface.
  • The app provides inbuilt calculator to make the conversion of foreign currency into the national currency easy.
  • With the help of this app you can access currencies of more than 180 countries across the globe.
  • The apparition has currencies in almost all of the form like Dollar, Pound, Dinar, Rupee, Dirham etc. In addition to it, the user gets access to 2 sections i.e. Market Rates and Currency Converter
  • You can get the Current Exchange Rate for all the currencies by a single tap.

The app represents the country with a flag, it makes the task much easy.

4. Exchange Rates

This is another brilliant application which allows the user to have access to almost 180 countries’ currencies. This app enables the user to easily track the currency and can get the real-time updates too. The application allows the user to add the currency of their choice as favourites, this will help them to quickly convert the currencies based on the USD. Moreover, you can edit your favourite currencies at any time.

The application also allows the user with unique options like charts, banknotes, converters etc. With the help of the converter option, you can instantly convert the current and can also search for a country using the name, country code, symbol etc. The app allows the android user to compare the currency with options like day, months, years etc. You can customize the settings as per your choice.

You can select the theme either light or dark and can use the application in 15 different languages. Apart from the currency converter, you can opt to convert Cryptocurrencies and Commodities using the same application.

Top Features of Exchange Rates
  • The app allows the users to add favourite currency and provides an option to add more than 180 countries currency.
  • The app has features like banknotes, charts etc.
  • You can search any native country using the code, name, and symbol.
  • The application provides with the interactive charts to compare the currency.
  • You can access all the feature in 15 languages and can deal with Cryptocurrencies and Commodities too.

5. Unit Converter

It is another effective app which helps to get the full details about the currency converting. In addition to it, the application allows the user to convert many units all at one place. The application has more than 160 currencies from across the globe. The user interface is very simple and effective to use. The best part about the Unit Converter application is, it is free from annoying advertisements.

The application provides with an access to the financial as well as the mathematical calculator. It helps in the conversions and calculations instantly. The application supports more than 160 world currencies in a single transparent platform. You can add the converter widgets on your mobile phone's home screen too. This will help you to begin with the conversions without opening the app.

The application provides with a built-in search feature which makes the work very easy even for the beginners. The app is available totally free of cost and the support team is very responsive.

Top Features of Unit Converter Application
  • The application provides build in real time currency converter to the users based on the current exchange rates.
  • It has additional features like resistor codes, stopwatches, world time, and best bitcoin exchanges rates.
  • The applications allow the user to convert all the world currency without getting connected to the internet.

6. Forex Currency Rates

Forex Currency Rates is a very smart application designed by the team of CodeAndro. The app works seamlessly with all the leading model of android phone and is very powerful too. The Forex Currency Rates app supports more than 140+ currencies across the world. In addition to it, the application provides insight of major metals like gold and silver on the app window.
Forex Currency Rates has an option which helps the user to set up the favourite currency table of their choice for everyday use. The user can also check weekly or everyday rate on the app. You can transfer the updated application into another device with the help of an SD card; you just can do in a jiffy.

Forex Currency Rates is perfect for all the travellers who don't want to miss the currency updates nor their travel. The application allows the user to have a universal currency converter tool as a separate tab. Moreover, you can have the facility to add, remover and freshly create the currencies list.

Top features of Forex Currency Rates
  • The user interface of Forex Currency Rates is very easy and the navigation is also simple.
  • Forex Currency Rates is perfect for all the traders and for those who want to have an insight about the change in currency.
  • The application showcases new stories related to each currency, this helps the traders to make the investment decision better.
  • An individual can pair details on a weekly or everyday chart.
  • This is a unique application which provides a full-screen chart and can be used in landscape mode too.

7. My Currency Pro - Converter

My Currency Pro application is the brainchild of Roqapps, the application works seamlessly and supports more than 180 currencies across the globe. The navigation and user interface is very simple. The users can get live exchange rates and likely can make the decision super quick. The application allows you to not only trade in old currencies but also has all the live details about the crypto currencies like bitcoins, litecoins, trons etc.

The application My Currency Pro - Converter allows the user to keep the home screen widget and helps the users to stay updated with all the live changes happening. My Currency Pro - Converter is the perfect companion for all the traders who want to make a instant access to the exchange rates, the user received automatic updates and much more.

Top Features of the My Currency Pro Application
  • The application provides updated information on more than 180 countries currencies,
  • You can add the home screen widget to get every second update without taping on the application.
  • My Currency Pro - Converter provides complete details of the virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Facebook credits etc along with the regular currencies like Dollar, Pound, Rupees etc.
  • The application provides detailed currency charts and shared automatic updates with the users.
  • The user interface is very easy and makes the navigation quick.

8. Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter is another brilliant app which allows the users to get live exchange updates of more than 180 currencies across the globe. The best part is, the application works excellent in offline mode too. You need to add your favourite currency and get started.

Once you create a list of your favourite currencies in Easy Currency Converter application, you can get a quick glance of it every time you tap on the app. You can also monitor the rates of every currency from day 1 to 5 years. The best part about Easy Currency Converter application is, you can include cryptocurrencies like bitcoin into your list.

The Easy Currency Converter application is created by the EXtraAndroary and provides with real-time information every time. The navigation and user-friendly interface makes it the best choice.

Top Features of Easy Currency Converter Application
  • The app provides detailed access to more than 180 curries across the world.
  • The user interface is very firmly and best for beginners who want to get a hang on converter apps.
  • The app provides conversations even when it is offline.
  • Easy Currency Converter offers everyday updates and has room for virtual currencies like bitcoins too.
  • You can easily get the information of any currency across the globe in just 1 tap.

9. Valuta EX - Currency converter

If you love simple and user-friendly applications, Valuta EX - Currency converter is for yours. The application is very easy to use and has the best user interface. The application allows the user to create their favourite currencies list so that you need not simply scroll down the list.

Valuta EX - Currency converter application works wonderfully even in the offline mode. You can easily get access to all the details in just minutes. The Valuta EX - Currency converter is created by inkOfPixel srl and is considered as the best travel-friendly application because of its low weight on disk. It occupies very less space on the phone. The application provides updates of 160 currencies across the globe instantly. It is the most simple to use and easy to follow currency converter which provides accurate exchange rates in just a few taps.

Valuta EX - Currency converter has features like hourly updates exchange rates, the exact value of currencies, precise conversions rates etc. The app allows the user to store data in an offline mode too.

Top Features of Valuta EX - Currency converter app
  • The user interface is very simple to use and extremely easy to navigate.
  • The exchange rates get updated every hour and help the users to make a precise decision.
  • The application can also be used seamlessly offline.
  • The exchange rates get automatically updated.
  • Valuta EX - Currency converter has updates value of more than 160 currencies and also have details of virtual currencies like bitcoin etc.
  • The application has a feature which allows you to swipe right in order to clear all the input, you can also include dealer margin in conversion final results.
  • The app allows you to search through different currencies with the help of country code, and country name

10. Currency Widget App

This Currency Widget application is created by Lets corp allocation, the app helps to instantly keep you updated with the change in currency rates. A perfect app for all the traders. The interface is very friendly and the navigation is seamless. The app provides each minute update and has the best support from all the currencies across the world. The Currency Widget app offers details regarding other commodities like crude oil, silver and also gold.

The widget is transparent hence it gels very well with the background and you can create and include multiple widgets in no time. The Currency Widget app allows the users to get instant details of all the top currencies like Dollar, Euro, Yuan, Won, Pound, Yen, Rand, and Rupees etc. The earlier version has a server downtime issues, but the issue is fixed in the latest version.

Top Features of Currency Widget App
  • The Currency Widget application allows the user to get aces to more than 100 currencies across the globe.
  • The interface is very easy and the widget background is transparent hence it gels very well with all the type of android device screen.
  • Currency Widget application also provides detailed information about other commodities like Gold, Silver and Crude Oil.
  • The user has an option to create multiple widgets with the help of Currency Widget apps.
  • The application allows you to create your favourite currencies list which makes the tracking job super easy.

Keeping a track on the exchanges and change in currency rate is very important for all the traders and travellers. These are the best top 10 apps which help to manage the currencies and your finances in a better and convenient way. All you need is a good and phone and the best currency converter application to stay updated. These apps are best when you are traveling or when you are at home.
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How to edit APK files on PC - APK File Editor

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Most of the people wonder if there could be a way to Edit and modify the Apps which they Use regularly from Play store and From Unknown sources. APK is an Android App extension for Android Smartphone and There are so many tools available like APK File Editor to edit the APK App files to modify the contents directly through a computer.

We will show you how to edit any Android APK files with the help of a Computer. You will be able to change the Icon, Edit it and also change the name of the Android App using the help of a computer. You could also find a lot of Apk Editor apps for every Android Smartphone in Google Play Store which helps you to disintegrate Android Apks into pieces and so you could able to edit and modify the sources to fit your needs.

If you are planning to just change the name or icon of an Android APK, You could able to do that with the help of Apk Editor Android App. APK Editor allows you to change the name and also an icon of the Android App right from your smartphone and tablet. If you are an Android developer and also want to make changes and modify the source deep inside with every layer and functions of it, You should consider getting an APK editor software made for Windows Operating system which helps you to bring some new ideas and make changes in the App directly.

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APK Studio

APK studio is an Open source software and it is also available for free for anyone to Disintegrate Apk files and make small or essential changes to the code and make major improvements with it. APK Studio lets you change the whole Android codebase and it is best for professional Android developers to study the code and make changes.

As a Beginner of Android development, You will find it easy to quickly get used to the software and learn faster as much as you could. You will be able to rebuild the whole Android Application in a matter of Minutes.

Features of Android Apk Studio
  • You will be able to batch install, uninstall, disable, enable and pull Android Applications at once
  • Ability to access the file browser, Partition and mount the storage
  • Edit any Android APK even without the source code
  • Study and Modify the Apk to bring your new changes
  • Quick Debugging to Fix things
  • Improve existing features and add new functionality
  • Check for any Suspicious activities in the APK for risks
  • Signing and Zipalign features
  • XML and SMALI assist to help you
  • Syntax Highlights
  • Decompile and Recompile Apps within a matter of minutes
  • Access to Shell

APK Icon editor

If you are not aware of the Android App development or only have little knowledge about it, It is better to use a normal editing tool that helps in changing the Name, Version and also the Icon of Android Apk with the help of Android Apk Editor.
You do not need much Technical knowledge also when you use an Android APK editor. You just have to download and install Android Apk editor and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Android APK editor and Can use it right away to change the name, Icon and Version of Android Apks.

Feature of Apk Icon Editor
  • You can able to change the APK file name and its Icon
  • Change the size of an Icon
  • You could able to use and upload to cloud like services from Google Drive, Onedrive, and Other popular Cloud drives within the App
  • Pack and Unpack to edit the apk
  • Ability to Change the version
  • Change the icon colour to match your needs
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How to Fix Samsung Phones Not showing up on PC

Posted by Nitin Maheta | August 01, 2018 Comments: 0
Are you facing issues with your Android phone, is it not showing up on the computer?? This is the very basic and most annoying issue you get when you are not able to connect your smartphone to the PC.

This error is commonly found in Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and other Galaxy S series devices. The computer usually fails to find the USB connection on the smartphone. Still, you will be able to notice the charging sign, the smartphones begin to get charges as soon as you connect it to the PC.

Here is an easy guide for all the beginner who wants to fix the Samsung Phones Not Showing up on computer issues. Sometimes when you search this issue on the web, you would be asked to download Samsung drivers and Samsung Kies, still, the error of Computer Unable to Recognize Samsung Galaxy S4 or other Galaxy S devices will persist.

This article will provide you a detailed understanding of the issue and they will help to fix it. This method will totally work for another model of Samsung smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S series device like Galaxy S3, S4, & S5 which has a similar problem. Follow the below-mentioned methods to quick fix the issue.

Method 1: Enable the USB in debugging mode

Before connecting your smartphone to the computer system, always make sure to enable the debugging option of USB. In order to do so, follow the below mentioned steps. Following this steps will help you to enable the USB debugging mode on your smartphone.

Step 1: Unlock the Samsung phone and open Settings option.
Step 2: Tap on the About option and then move to the built number option under it.
Step 3: The next step is to tap 7 times on the found built number option. This will activate the developer mode of your smartphone.
Step 4: Now, open the setting option again and move to the developer options.
Step 5: Under the developer option you will be able to notice the find USB debugging option.
Step 6: You can notice that the USB debugging option is enabled. Now, try to connect your android device to your PC.

Method 2: Via Samsung USB cable

This is a little time-consuming option, you need to try out different USB cables. Always make sure that the USB cable is in working condition, if not try out different USB cable to connect with your PC. Use the USB cable which comes along with the smartphone. You can give a try with the Samsung USB cable that comes along with the phone while purchasing.

Plug the cable in the USB v2.0 slot. Before connecting the device to the PC , make sure the phone is unlocked. Once you have connected, check the camera option and then install drivers to your PC. The next step is to unplug the android phone from PC.
Wait for few seconds and then plug the phone back into the PC. Make sure the phone is unlocked during the entire process. The last step is to turn off the notification bar, post that select the option Connect as a media device.

Here are some secret code which can be used to fix the issue:
  • Open the dial panel, enter *#0808#.
  • Choose the AP on the upper part and
  • Then at the USM setting select MTP.
This method will ensure that you don't need to choose the media device every time in order to connect with your android phone.

Method 3: Updating of MTP Drivers

If the issue still persists, you can think about updating the MTP drivers of your computer system. It can be down by following below mentioned steps:

Step 1: The initial step is to connect the smartphone to your PC.
Step 2: The next step is to open the Device Manager of your phone.
Step 3: Once you open the device manager and press the Windows + R key. This will open the Run program. This method completely works for all latest windows operating system i..e Window 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
Step 4: The next step is to enter “Devmgmt.MSC” command and then click on the enter button. The smartphone should be connected to the computer.
Step 5: Open the Other devices option, you will be able to notice a yellow color mark displayed along with the Samsung Android or Unknown Device.
Step 6: The final step is to right click on the option and select "Update Driver Software…..." option. At least choose the option Search automatically for "Update Driver Software..." You will be able to notice that the MTP drivers are downloaded automatically on your PC. Once the MTP drivers are downloaded completely, check your device whether it is connected to your PC or not. If not check out the next method.

Method 4: Download and Install Samsung USB Driver

If you have not installed the Samsung USB Driver in your PC, follow the below-mentioned steps. You can easily download and install the Samsung USB Driver on your computer by following this steps.

Step 1: Click on the, this step will allow you to download the USB driver for your smartphone.
Step 2: You need to follow the onscreen instruction in order to download the drivers.
Step 3: Then select Phones >>Phone services>>Model number of your device.
Step 4: Now, you will be able to notice the get download option, tap on it. Find the USB and then click on enter.
Step 5: You can download the Samsung USB Driver.

After completion of downloading option, install and step up the Samsung USB Driver on your PC. Restart your computer and smartphone. Connect the smartphone to your PC, it will begin to recognize and work.
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