How to Find File manager in Nokia

Posted by Nitin Maheta | August 31, 2018 Comments: 0
One of the most concerning thing about people whoever bought a Nokia phone was finding it in how to use the file manager. The moment they get their Nokia phone, Previous Android Phone users most likely switch their old content from their previous phones to their new Nokia phones using a data cable or wifi transfer. But once they copy and transfer content from their old phones to their new Nokia phones, They often end up being confused and struggling to view their copied files from their old phones.

Our article will mainly assist you to find and locate the file manager and help you to view your files.

As you see Nokia is using a Stock Android directly from Google, Nokia Phones does not come up with any file manager for you to dive deeper inside to view them. But there is always a way to get around with the help of the Android Operating system. Let's us see how we could able to access the files on Nokia Smartphone.

To Understand how storage works on Android
  • Internal Storage is meant for Apps to store Files privately which is also known as App Private Storage
  • External Storage is also known as Public accessible Storage where anyone can easily store their files publicly.

Basically, External Storage in Android is a Publically accessible storage space where Both the device memory and Memory Card comes under that. If you save to an External Storage which directly means you are storing it on a Device Internal memory or the Memory card space storage. If you save it on Internal Storage, Then you are storing the files through an App Private Storage.

All your Images, Videos, and Audio are stored in the External storage for the Apps to public access, Store, Load and Control the files.

First Thing which you could do is Head over to Storage by diving yourself into the settings of your new Nokia Smartphone. Once You dive into the storage of Android Settings, From there you could able to see which Apps, Music, Videos, Pictures and other files are occupying storage in your smartphone. Your Nokia smartphone will tell you more information about how much storage each file consumes in your phone and also offers you to access these files.

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From there you could also see the available space for your Nokia Smartphone. Your storage has been listed to a variety of categories like Apps, Images, Videos, Audio, other files, Cached data, System Data and An Option to explore directly to Interact with the files.

When you are finding the amount of storage used by your Smartphone, You will end up finding that the Cached data uses Around 3 GB - 4 GB or More Storage Space. The Cached Data files are basically Temporary files which are used by the Android Operating system to be used later and also for accessing faster with your files. They are Junk Memory and it is safe to delete the cache files from your Android Operating System and Gain more Free space from it. Tap the Cache data and Grant access to clear them out of your Phone to gain more Space.

Now that You are On Storage Settings, You could explore each section or directly explore the Internal or external storage as a File Manager. This is Hidden and One could able to make use of the Hidden File Manager by Finding these on the Storage Settings.


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