How to Fix Android is Starting Optimizing App

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The most common issue which most of the Android users face is the problem of “Android is Starting” Followed by a message which says “Optimizing App 1 of XXX” where the Alphabet X refers to the 3 digit number. Actually, this is a most common message which occurs during an Android smartphone rebooting. It has to do with so many reasons.

How to Fix Android is Starting optimizing app

Android is starting optimizing app is a very common issue which happens in older smartphones like Moto G, Moto G2, and other Older Motorola Phones. The main reason has to do with especially Apps which are not downloaded from Google Play Store. Which means you probably would have downloaded the APK file from Alternate sources on the internet. So this means the APK is not being saved in the same app file format. So the app itself is converted to file format such as ODEX file to be saved into the system. Odex file stores some important useful information and parts of data of the app right inside in it. So the Android system optimizes the data which are stored inside that before each boot which in turn helps in quicker app launch time.

Even though it is helping you with the quicker App launch speeds by optimizing each app for overall improvement in performance. It could really annoy you by making you wait for the optimization and many people do not have any time for that. You simply need to stare at the App optimization loading screen till its completion to all the way of the number of Apps installed on your smartphone which is referred to XXX as the number of apps found in your Phone.

We could solve the problem “Android is starting Optimizing App 1 of XXX” message by following the below procedure carefully.

Uninstall the most recently installed Application

The quickest solution to fix the problem “Android is starting Optimizing App 1 of XXX” message by uninstalling the most recent app which you downloaded outside of the Google Play Store which could easily solve this problem. Try to reboot the device to check if the issue is fixed or else try to uninstall the other recently installed apps which are downloaded outside of Google Play store. Which could be the most quickest solution for you to see if the issue is fixed. Now reboot and check one more time to see and making sure the issue is fixed.

Factory Data Reset by Wiping data

Factory Data reset is one of the most common troubleshooting for most of the issues. It basically resets the whole phone and Deletes data and settings to factory condition. Factory Data reset could solve any issues associated with smartphone that could not generally be fixed in normal means. You could follow the below steps to see if the issues are fixed or not.

  • The first thing you need to remember is switch off smartphone and wait for the display to completely turn itself off and dims even the backlight.
  • Now after making sure that the whole device is turned off, You need to press and hold the Volume down button and power button for some time.
  • You will have the list of options shown in the recovery, You could able to find from there for an option saying Wipe Data / Factory Data Reset
  • Now you could able to navigate the recovery mode by using the Volume up and down key.
  • If you want to activate a setting, You could able to do it by activating with the help of power key
  • Now Factory reset by wiping the data
  • Wait for the whole process to complete
  • Now activate the Reboot system now to restart your device in a factory new condition
  • In order to activate a function, You could do that by Power key or button

Now after the Factory reset, You probably would not have that issue “Android is starting Optimizing App 1 of XXX” message anymore. If you still have that issue you should definitely be considering repeating the above steps again and also try to wipe cache partition from time to time.

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Also, do share your views about this problem “Android is starting Optimizing App 1 of XXX” message and tell us if the above solution fixed your smartphone.


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