Top 20 Best Tech News Websites and Blogs

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In this technological world, a huge number of new gadgets and digital apps are created and launched every day. It has become a necessity to keep pace with fast-changing world in order to get the best out of technology. So, to make our lives a bit easier, blogs on technology are created. They keep us updated with the new information and their minute details. They provide essential tech news of the moment. They cover almost all aspects of technologies like news, reviews, analysis, hacks, videos, insights, presentations etc.

Here, we have listed the top 20 technology news websites and blogs in the world. These will help you to keep up with the constant flow of technological updates.


It is one of the most well recognized and popular technology websites on the internet. It provides every minute information about new gadgets and technology. Here, you can get information on the latest apps as well. Mainly, events, products, and services launched by Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Dell etc. are covered.

  • Followers on Twitter: 10M
  • Followers on Instagram: 963k
  • Followers on Facebook: 2.8M
  • Likes on Facebook: 2.7M

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It is another leading website which provides technology related news and details to the internet users. It provides articles and guides on technology, culture, and business. You can get articles on upcoming gadgets as well. More than seven million people visit the website monthly and more than 10 million people view its page per month.

  • Followers on Twitter: 1.7M
  • Followers on Instagram: 84.1k
  • Followers on Facebook: 1M
  • Likes on Facebook: 1M

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It is the third most leading website on the internet which provides comprehensive and full-scale information regarding the latest trends and technology news reports. Because of its publishing quality stuff, many people around the globe love this website. It is like a paradise for web designers and developers because of the type of information it provides.

  • Followers on Twitter: 10.3M
  • Followers on Instagram: 725k
  • Followers on Facebook: 2.8M
  • Likes on Facebook: 2.8M

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It is an endeavour of Network18. It shares articles and blogs on various new gadgets like mobiles, home theatres, laptops, TVs, gaming devices etc. The reason people like this website so much is because of its feature of covering podcasts, photos, and videos related to the latest technology. It also compares various websites and gadgets extensively and thus it comes really handy.

  • Followers on Twitter: 1.9M
  • Followers on Instagram: 10.4k
  • Followers on Facebook: 100k
  • Likes on Facebook: 100k

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It is one of the best online portals for technology lovers. Latest news on Apple ios, android, and Windows operating system are published along with their functions which help in increasing knowledge. If you are a gadget lover, you need to check this website at least once.

  • Followers on Twitter: 2.8M
  • Followers on Instagram: 85.8k
  • Followers on Facebook: 1.4M
  • Likes on Facebook: 1.5M

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It is one of the best and most famous technology websites on the Internet. It covers gadgets, science, latest technology news and other interesting stuff. One of the best things about this website is that it provides videos as well on the latest technology news. This website receives more than twenty million unique visits.

  • Followers on Twitter: 9.8M
  • Followers on Instagram: 615k
  • Followers on Facebook: 7.1M
  • Likes on Facebook: 7.2M

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This website is particularly famous for its meticulous and detailed reviews on latest gadgets and apps launched in the market. It provides precise product information. It also provides reports on how technology affects the society which is distinctive and outstanding.

  • Followers on Twitter: 1.4M
  • Followers on Instagram: 937k
  • Followers on Facebook: 3.5M
  • Likes on Facebook: 3.5M

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The website provides educational, edifying and very well researched articles on latest technological products such as laptops, mobiles, gaming devices, photography, Apple, Microsoft, tech industry, and culture. The video section has a far-reaching appeal. It is liked by a lot of people because it provides a lucid explanation of the technological products and trends.

  • Followers on Twitter: 1.6M
  • Followers on Instagram: 450k
  • Followers on Facebook: 3.2M
  • Likes on Facebook: 3.1M

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It is another large hub of latest trends related to technology, interesting lifestyle, gaming devices etc. It also provides articles on music, cars, and photography etc. and sometimes about the Apple news as well which is simply startling.

  • Followers on Twitter: 2M
  • Followers on Instagram: 191k
  • Followers on Facebook: 1.7k
  • Likes on Facebook: 1.8k

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This website provides useful and thorough coverage of newly released gadgets such as laptops, mobiles, tablets etc. It even offers ratings of mobiles and tablets. This is a very unique feature. The devices are rated after a very detailed research and it is very helpful when it comes to choosing the best out of all.

  • Followers on Twitter: 202k
  • Followers on Instagram: 41.1k
  • Followers on Facebook: 581k
  • Likes on Facebook: 590k

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It is a popular website among the bloggers and tech blog owners because it helps them in increasing traffic on their websites. Latest apps and gadgets launched in the market are reviewed and tech news is offered on and before time.

  • Followers on Twitter: 64.7k
  • Followers on Facebook: 980k
  • Likes on Facebook: 982k

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It is a website which only focuses on Apple news and rumours. It highly attracts the customers and the professionals who are interested in technologies and products of apple. It also has a community which mainly focuses on various features and technical aspects of iPhone, iPad, Macintosh etc.

  • Followers on Twitter: 850k
  • Followers on Facebook: 346k
  • Likes on Facebook: 352k

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The DoubleClick founders Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan along with the former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget launched this website on Jul 19, 2007. It is a rapidly growing business site which offers deep financial, industrial, media and technology related articles and other information.

  • Followers on Twitter: 2.4M
  • Followers on Instagram: 1.6M
  • Followers on Facebook: 8.5M
  • Likes on Facebook: 8.6M

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This website not only posts about the latest technology stuff but also tell us about its importance in our lives. It also tells us about the people who are behind the idea of the latest technology and how much money has been invested in it.

  • Followers on Twitter: 711k
  • Followers on Instagram: 140
  • Followers on Facebook: 425k
  • Likes on Facebook: 440k

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15. Engadget:

Engadget is a successful reviewer of various gadgets and technologies. This website is a definitive guide to this life. It is like the car with no driver and human organs printed in a lab. It explains to us how the technologies matter in our lives.

  • Followers on Twitter: 2.3M
  • Followers on Instagram: 314k
  • Followers on Facebook: 1.5M
  • Likes on Facebook: 1.6M

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This website talks about the user interface, design, pricing etc of various gadgets and compares them so that you know which gadget would suit you the most. It uses a simple language so that everyone can relate to it.

  • Followers on Twitter: 14.3k
  • Followers on Instagram: 918
  • Followers on Facebook: 40k
  • Likes on Facebook: 42k

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This website is dedicated to publishing information on the latest and personal technology since 2005. It has a distinctive and fresh approach towards cutting-edge tech gears and latest digital lifestyle trends. Its reviews can be trusted upon and device information is thought-provoking.

  • Followers on Twitter: 45.6k
  • Followers on Instagram: 3323
  • Followers on Facebook: 102k
  • Likes on Facebook: 104k

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Covering video games stuff since September 1999, it is one of the oldest technology websites. Since the video games world has seen a drastic change over the years, it covers all aspects of gaming now. Earlier it used to mainly focus on PC and competitive FPS scene of the time.

  • Followers on Twitter: 354k
  • Followers on Instagram: 1892
  • Followers on Facebook: 322k
  • Likes on Facebook: 327k

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This website has the greatest community in the world. They review phones, feature apps, post general news and teach a little hacking. Droid Life is the one for you if you have a keen interest in Android and want to talk about tech things with like-minded people.

  • Followers on Twitter: 237k
  • Followers on Instagram: 39.2k
  • Followers on Facebook: 237k
  • Likes on Facebook: 243k

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It is a popular analysis and research firm. It mainly focuses on emerging technologies and helps the readers to understand them. It also provides information about how the latest technologies have a huge impact on media, business, and society.

  • Followers on Twitter: 317k
  • Followers on Instagram: 1364
  • Followers on Facebook: 99k
  • Likes on Facebook: 103k

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Hence, we have concluded some of the best technology news websites and blogs that are available to people around the globe. You can follow them or keep them bookmarked in order to keep you updated about the newly launched technologies. If you want to purchase a new gadget or learn about hacking, these websites will be really helpful. The broadcasting method of posting reviews has completely changed. They broadcast their messages in such a way that it reaches to a wide range of people.


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