How do I logout of Facebook on Android?

Posted by Nitin Maheta | October 11, 2018 Comments: 0
Facebook is famous all over the world. Here users can make friends, upload photos and can chat with them also. But at times logging out can be difficult too. There are two ways in which any user can log out of Facebook on Android. The two ways are given below. Users just need to follow them in order to log out easily.

2 Easy ways to Logout of Facebook on Android

1st Way:
  • Click on the Facebook icon present in the Home Screen or in Application Drawer.
  • Once Facebook is open, tap on the right end button.
  • Then keep scrolling downwards. The last option will be the logout one.
  • Just click on the logout option. Facebook will get logged out.
  • Next time when users open Facebook they will need to log in again.

2nd Way:
If there is a problem in the 1st way of logging out, then users can follow this way also.

  • Open the Android device setting. This is a grey coloured gear shaped icon. It is present in the home screen or application drawer.
  • Scroll downwards and tap on the app button. This generally comes under the device header.
  • Now there will be three tabs as Running, Installed and All. Go and select the All app tab.
  • Scroll down and select Facebook icon. The apps are generally listed in alphabetically order.
  • Tap on Storage. If the storage button is not available then just tap on clear data option, then just skip the next step.
  • Tap Clear Data. There will be a confirmation coming up asking if the user wants to delete the app’s settings and files. Then after reading tap the OK button. Otherwise just follow the next step.
  • Tap the home button. This will take the users back to the home screen.
  • Open Facebook. It will ask the user to log-in again when they open Facebook next time.

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