How To Turn Off Auto-Correction on Mi A1

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Xiaomi Mi A1 is an Android One Smartphone which comes with Google’s Stock Android and Different from what Xiaomi Phones used to offer. Usually, Xiaomi Phones comes with a very popular easy to use operating system known as MIUI Interface which is highly preferred by most Xiaomi Fans.

Mi A1 has an advantage from other Xiaomi Phones in terms of receiving latest Android Updates. Xiaomi Phones could get instant latest updates from Android Nougat to Oreo and Android Pie as well, Once after it is available. Most of the people prefer latest updates and Because of this, It is often confusing for people to turn off autocorrect in their New Xiaomi Mi A1 phones which looks very different from their MIUI Based Xiaomi Phones.

First Head over to settings and try to find Keyboards on Languages and Input settings which you install over the Google Play Store app. You will be able to access the virtual keyboard and physical keyboard from here.

First, we must know the basic difference between the Virtual and Physical keyboard which are installed and present over the device. Virtual keyboard includes a variety of keyboards that are downloaded from Google Play store and a Physical Keyboard has to do with Connected External Keyboard.

So to turn off autocorrect in Xiaomi Mi A1 of the Google’s Stock Android, You first need to head over to Mi A1 settings and find virtual keyboard settings and then make the default selection of your keyboard app. Then you can further change settings from there.

How To Turn Off Auto-Correction on Mi A1

  • First you need to open the Xiaomi Mi A1 Settings.
  • You need to then Navigate and Select Languages & input from there you will be able to select the Virtual keyboard.
  • Please Select Google Keyboard app
  • Then under that, Select the Text correction and from there then turn off Auto-correction toggle

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