10 Putlocker Alternatives 2019 (Sites like Putlocker to watch Movies Online)

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Putlocker is a very popular video streaming website. Other sites like putlocker.ch and putlocker.onl are capable just like Putlocker but are less popular than it.

There are many countries which consider sites like Putlocker to be violating the copyright law and therefore, sometimes users might need to face consequences. So, in order to avoid such repercussions, users are recommended to undertake online privacy and security steps to protect their identity and also to avoid getting threats of malware and viruses from various links.

The video streaming sites offer the one-stop solutions to the viewers because you can listen to any song you want to, watch movies and latest TV series anytime you want. These days, more and more TV and web series are being released online on a video streaming site. The only hurdle you might face is the price. The sites charge quite a heavy subscription fee. The geographical restriction is another barrier. It means if you have subscribed from one particular country then you cannot access the site once you have crossed the border of that country.

In this global world of today, people rely on such video streaming sites and Putlocker is one of them.

What is Putlocker? How does it work?

Putlocker is an online index holding website of hosted media files which include movies, TV shows, and music. You can find and access files that are derived from other places because the media you see is not hosted by the site itself.

Putlocker was started as putlocker.com in the UK. About 800,000 visitors visited this site every day in the early 2012 but soon the number of visitors doubled as a similar site, Megaupload, was shut down because of alleged copyright infringement. In the year 2016, Putlocker was ranked 250th and 150th in the U.S. in the list of most viewed websites of the world. Putlocker started receiving some unwanted attention then.

Putlocker had to change their URL several times because many attempts were made to close down this website. The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit department of UK seized the site in June 2014 when it moved to putlocker.bz. It, then, changed the URL to putlocker.is, an Icelandic domain which showed an error message since October 2016. Once, it forwarded its users to putlocker.ch, the site began working which was again seized after sometime due to a case with the Belgian Entertainment Association. As soon as putlocker.is started working, users were being forwarded to scamming sites. Some of the sites of Putlocker which are working currently are putlocker.rs (Serbia) and putlockerhd.is (Iceland).

Is Putlocker legal?

If you have reached this article so far, the answer according to you must be ‘yes’. But in reality, it is quite a complicated question to answer.

This site is known to violate copyright laws in countries like UK, US, and the EU. ISPs sending out copyright infringement notices to whoever has watched movies and shows on this site are pretty usual. However, no major legal action has been taken till date. If you are streaming the videos on your mobile phone, then you are not downloading the content onto your device. You are just streaming the hosted content. According to Europe, USA, and other countries, this is not a crime because no content is perceived, copied, or communicated. According to the laws in the EU and the US, the person who is uploading the files is responsible and not the person streaming the content. Many courts have held allegations against Putlocker.

Online streaming also creates a temporary file on the computer of the user as online streaming and watching it on the website are two different things. The courts of some countries say these files contain a download which anyway, violates the law. Some have disagreed on this.

If you are only streaming content then you are not breaking any law but if you are sharing, uploading, or downloading from the site, many courts will say you are.

Therefore, there is not a clear answer to whether Putlocker is illegal or not. It pretty much depends on what you are doing on the site and from which country you are accessing it.

Security tools to use with Putlocker

To protect your privacy and identity, there are some security tools listed below.

  • Anti-virus software – Installing antivirus software is a must for all internet users, especially for those who use sites like Putlocker. Because there may be possibilities of Malware and other viruses attacking your computer while downloading files from this site. It is very important to have a tool which can identify and stop such files from executing on your device and harming your data or hardware.
  • Ad-blocker – To keep the number of unwanted adverts minimum, every user should have a good ad-blocker. It has been reported that at times Putlocker asks the user to disable their ad-blocker. In case this scenario occurs, try for an alternative way to view the content.
  • Pop-up blocker – Reports say that there are many pop-up adverts on Putlocker. So, to stop these adverts from popping up and enjoy your experience, an efficient pop-up blocker should be used.

If you use these three security tools, you will have a safe and enjoyable experience on Putlocker.

Top 10 sites like Putlocker to watch movies online

If you do not feel good about this site, then here we are listing top 10 alternatives of Putlocker.

1. MovieNight – MovieNight is a website with a simple interface. It is a good alternative for Putlocker. The best part of this site is that it does not charge any kind of subscription fee to watch any video. You should be aware of the worst part as well. The ads shown here are very annoying. You are going to witness a lot of them while streaming content. But you can stop all the ads for 24 hours if you share what you are watching which is not at all a bad deal.

2. Megashare – Megashare is not a new name in the online video streaming world. The site is full of features and very well-functioned. You can even upload and share your own movies for the viewers to watch. Classic old movies can also be watched. This website is extremely well loaded and categorized on the basis of genres. It covers the soap opera region too. Any trending show can be easily found here.

3. SolarMovie – SolarMovie is a famous and reputed website in the online movie and TV shows browsing sector. It is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for Putlocker. Sci-Fi, Romantic, Japanese, Thriller, etc. are some of the genres which can be viewed freely. The quality does not let the viewers down and it is even rich in content. It is recommended to sign-up on this website for a better experience.

4. Channel 131 – This website seems straight out of a black and white world, but do not commit the mistake of going on its presentation. Channel 131 is very good and really easy to access. All the shows are arranged according to their seasons and episodes which is a brownie point. They have made no effort in the look of the site but the scenario is well-arranged and simple.

5. FlixBreak – FlixBreak is kind of a sober website available for video streaming. Some not-so-old movies can be found but the site is not rich enough in content yet. But it is sad to know that you will not find any TV show on FlixBreak. Content is divided into two sections. One is for the latest uploads and the other one is for random content. Though, it does not have the deep filtering feature. You can find some really good movies on this site.

6. WatchMoviesFree – Are you ready to witness the best platform for entertainment? WatchMoviesFree is here at your service. You can choose movies and TV shows from each and every genre like action, documentary, musical, history, western, etc. You can not only choose genres but also choose movies of different countries. It is a well-maintained site and updates can be seen on daily basis. You can even find news regarding the entertainment world.

7. GoMovies – Do you want to watch TV series and movies without paying a penny? Then, GoMovies is your go-to option. But yes, you would have to deal with some ads on this site. As far as the video quality is concerned, through the multiple streaming links, you can watch videos in the best quality. Here also, the content is derived from third-party.

8. Moviefone – Moviefone is more like a service rather than being a website. If you have missed an episode of your favourite show or an old show, you can watch it on this site. The sign-up feature is optional but in case, you want to remain updated with their latest uploads, signing up is recommended. Moviefone is continuously evolving and developing even after 25 years of its journey. You can watch movie trailers here as well. The videos can be shared on social media platforms.

9. New Movies Online – This site is not going to disappoint you at all. The best feature of New Movies Online is deep filtering. The streaming is done from the third party and the site does not contain any content. It is one of the best sites out there for video streaming. You can watch videos in various languages as well. Proper subtitles are available so you won’t have any problem in watching videos in other languages.

10. YesMovies – If you want to say ‘yes’ to massive fun and entertainment then do not hesitate to choose YesMovies. This site features almost each and every classic and trending movie. You can filter the content on the basis of genres, years, quality, ratings, etc. Most of the files are in HD format.

In conclusion, the alternatives mentioned above are very efficient and entertaining. These sites are free of cost but the policies may differ everywhere. You can choose the one which fulfils your requirements the most.


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