How to delete a Facebook account permanently

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Facebook has always been a great medium to stay in touch with people and know what they are doing in their life. Be it a matrimonial status or getting a job, almost everyone updates about their day to day life on Facebook. Other than that, viewing various posts, memes can be a great source of entertainment and different inspiring quotes can also boost your motivational level. Facebook is always a great talk in any family gathering or friends reunion. If you truly feel the need to be a part of the conversation, you need to be somewhat active on Facebook. Apart from that, Facebook can be really time-consuming at times and many people prefer to shut it down. Or some may even think it to be a waste of time as it is overcrowded with people and they do not feel the need to use it. In that case, they might decide to stay away from Facebook. However, instead of deleting your Facebook account permanently, you can also try temporarily deactivating your account. But, if you have decided to permanently shut down your Facebook account, then it is possible and this article will let you know exactly how.

What should you do before you permanently delete your Facebook account?

It is alright if you have come to the conclusion that you will delete your Facebook account permanently. But, there are numerous crucial things you must realize before you decide to remove it.

Give your friends an announcement beforehand
Although you want to get rid of your Facebook account, isn't it true that you made a lot of friends online? Facebook has always been a constant companion who made you stay in touch with people, share your ideas, experiences, etc. And there are many people with whom you might lose contact. You might also have people who look up to you and wait for your posts. It won't be fair if you go without informing them. So, it's necessary that you announce that you will be leaving Facebook permanently. You can update a status 2 or 3 days before and let people know.

Think if you really want it
Sometimes, out of frustration, you might take a wrong decision, and deleting Facebook might be one of the choices. Eliminating it permanently won't let you log in the same account again. So, you have to be sure if you really want to take the decision. Think about it calmly and decide whether you want it or not. If you're going to stay away for a short period of time, deactivating your account might seem like a way better idea than getting rid of it entirely.

Store all your data beforehand
If you have really come to the conclusion that you will delete your account permanently, you can go through all your pictures and store them in your gallery so that it won't be lost. Once you store all of it, you can delete your account. You can screenshot all the posts, important chats and save them too. Go through your account minutely so that you don't miss out on anything and regret it later.

Stick to your decision
If you have decided and made the decision consciously, you need to stick to it. Do not be distracted by it again and try to reopen. And do not start having any regrets once your account gets removed from Facebook. Think about all the positive sides of not having a Facebook account and follow the procedure of deleting it.

If you have finally decided to leave Facebook and have stored your important data, you can think of removing your account.

Delete your account permanently

If you want to remove your Facebook account permanently, you have to understand that you will lose all the data that is present and the account won't open again. You will also not be able to use Facebook messenger from your account. Other than that, if you have signed up for other apps like Pinterest or Spotify from your account, you won't be able to use it. Even if you want to use it, you have to contact the apps and website to use it again. However, your friends will still be able to view your chats in the message section. In order to delete your account permanently, you have to follow these steps.

1. Tap the menu button at the rightmost corner of the website
After you log in to your account with the required credentials, at the rightmost corner of your page, you will find three horizontal lines. Click on the button and you will see a series of options like the groups you are present in, or the pages that you have created.

2. Tap on the Settings Option
If you scroll down your page, in the bottom-most part, you will find the option of “ Settings.” Click on the button to proceed further with your deletion. or you can visit direct to the deletion page here:

3. Select Delete Your Account And Information
Once you tap on the Settings section, if you scroll down, you will find the option of deleting your account and all its information. This will erase all your data from your account and you will be a step forward in removing your account.

4. Tap on the “Submit” button
You need to enter your Facebook password for privacy concern. And once you enter it correctly, you can click submit and can delete your account permanently.

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Can you cancel your deletion?

Even after you submit your confirmation, there can be a chance of reactivating your account. The deletion process states that if you open your account before 30 days of account deletion, you can still use your account. But, after thirty days, all your data and your account will be deleted permanently and you won't be able to retrieve it. It might take ninety days to entirely erase the information and data from your account. However, during the process, others won't be able to view any of your pictures or posts.

If you regret your decision of deleting your Facebook account permanently, you will get a time span of thirty days to cancel your deletion process. For that, you have to simply log in to your account and select the option of “Cancel Deletion,” and you will be able to retrieve your account. Getting rid of your Facebook account should never be a hasty step because it is going to determine whether your online friends are going to have any access to your posts or not. Moreover, you should be firm about deleting your Facebook account once you have clearly made your mind. Rising privacy concerns and increasing cases of data breaches have led to most of the people being highly insecure about keeping their Facebook accounts. We hope that this guide comes handy when you are struggling with the correct steps to follow in order to eliminate your Facebook account from this somewhat controversial platform.


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